Fort de France, Pointe du Bout, Les Trois ÎIets to Les Anses d’Arlet

Fort de France:

Anchoring off the waterfront gives easy access to the covered market, the old and new such as the inescapable “Big Mac”, the Schoelcher library building, and the town’s boutique shopping.

It is also the shortest taxi ride to and from the airport.

The ferries ply to and from the jetties to the villages on the south of the bay.


Pointe du Bout, in front of Fort de France, is the historic high point of tourism in Martinique and offers several boutiques, restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, hotels and even a casino. Many of them are harbored within its "Village Créole" which is modern mix of the architectural styles found on the island.

The bay of Anse Mitan is a popular beach on the starboard side of the yacht while at anchor in the bay. Some beach restaurants offer the Caribbean nightlife that is well appreciated.


Les Trois Ilets town remains a traditional village with well-preserved examples of the homes in the French Caribbean architecture, all accessible from the roadside. 

Several historic sites to visit including Empress Josephine’s Bonaparte’s museum where she was born. It highlights her aristocratic origins and some members of the European nobility when on visit come to pay their respects.

Le Village de la Poterie: This historic site for the manufacture of the roof tiles and seismic-proof building blocks from the red clay found in the area.

The old buildings have been converted into artisanal shops and small restaurants making an attractive local environment.

Karting and other activities are available. 

Golf: Trois Îlets has a very attractive Trent Jones designed 18-hole golf course with several holes, along the edge of sea on the inner bay of Fort de France.

The green is unfortunately not maintained to top level international standards.

La Savanne des esclaves: On the other side of the scale is a passionate man's recreation of examples of life in an Amerindian village and the homes of the freed slaves up to the 1960’s.

Several sculptures highlight the life of the slaves on the plantations and their dwellings using some 26 different constructions.

At the end of the visit, he offers you to taste some of their drinks and dishes.


Pointe Baleine: South & West of Pointe du Bout, there is another pretty and secluded anchorage between Pointe Baleine and Cap Salomon just before the bay of Grande Anse. Under the cliffs without an immediate beach - several yachts have liked it here.

Water is very pretty, some good snorkeling and diving in the area, some have even heard the whales singing going by out to sea.

There are two small bays just up (to the East) called Anse Noire and Anse Dufour to which access by road is not so easy and as such these small bays/beaches tend to be less crowded than Grande Anse d'Arlet.

There is also a bat cave nearby. The anchorage is in a little indentation in the coastline and as such offers some protection from the wind which tends to be strong in the bay of Fort de France. 


Grande Anse et Anse d’Arlets (le bourg): Just around the corner is Grande Anse d'Arlet beach which is popular as is also the Anse d'Arlet beach.

Of these two bays, the best one for a night anchorage is the Southern Bay of Anses d’Arlets where you see the church steeple lit up at night like on the Cote d’Azur. This anchorage is a favorite for the yachts.

Good snorkelling (mask & tuba) and diving around the point Burgos that separates the two bays. 

There are many green back turtles feeding in the area. Also, a small reef outcrop off the beach of Anse d’Arlet is full of fish and a very popular site for all ages.

Defined anchoring positions for yachts above 50m ensure the preservation of the seabed and its life. 

Diving: A wide choice of dive sites in this area as can be seen in the Martinique Dive Guide.

Great diving and snorkeling are in between these two bays, with Diamond Rock around the southern point for the more adventurous.

Jet-Ski & other nautical activities: No restrictions, other than drivers of Jet-Skis must be licensed or accompanied by a licensed professional.

Restaurants & Tours:

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