Provisioning: Local and Rungis

We purchase directly or indirectly through Rungis. Specific orders from Rungis can fly every workday provided minimum order size (weight) is achieved. Local distributors typically have fresh foodstuffs flown in to be available Wednesday through Saturday. Freight out of Miami is more limited.

Provisioning is handled in one of two ways:

A. You send us a list; we handle how and where to buy and do some pre-checking on what is available and head off and buy. We do not quote as prices vary every week and frankly time pressures typically render this impractical.  We use an industry standard mark-up of 1.3 on whatever we buy and charge time per our Account Opening Form.

B. You hire our refrigerated truck plus one of our team and your chef comes along and does the buying himself and we charge the time of use of the truck.

No sanitary inspections are required for fresh food for import and direct shipment to a foreign flagged vessel in-transit.

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