DYS has been awarded the status of Approved Economic Operator (AEO) following its longtanding relation with customs in a variety of yachting related tasks.

AEO is a European customs label demonstrating a partnership approach between customs and the company.

This partnership includes an annual audit by customs which reviews the:

  • Internal organization of the company,
  • Internal procedures designed to respect the customs regulations,
  • Awareness by the personnel of the risk of fraud,
  • Distinction between products coming from within the EU and those coming from outside the EU,
  • Procedures to safeguard computerized information and archived documents,
  • Financial solvability of the company.

VAT Free Repairs and Maintenance:

DYS has negotiated with customs a simplified local version of the European Inward Processing Relief (Perfectionnement Actif) procedure for VAT free parts and labour.

It is rapidly executed without any need for a warranty.

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