-Customs/Immigration Clearance 

  • Clearance done via e-mail with Douglas Yacht Services
  • No need to see your passports for the clearance
  • Entry into Martinique is valid for 18 months. An exit and a re-entry generates a further 18 months
  • Cash amounts greater then 10 000 euros need to be declared. Please fill out and send to DYS the form below:


-General Entry requirements for both Guests & Crew

  • Nothing further required for those nationals who can enter France without a visa.
  • For certain nationals who have a valid Schengen C multiple entry visa issued by a French Embassy, there are no further requirements. Examples: S. Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Middle East – contact DYS for an up-to-date list.
  • All other persons without a Seamen’s book require a DOM-TOM visa issued by a French embassy. NB: Certain CARICOM nationals have a visa waiver - Contact DYS.

-Cruising Guests / Crew with no Visa & Exceptional cases: Contact DYS

  • Arrival by air or by sea for a cruising visit – Local visa issued - needs advanced authorization.
  • Exceptional cases - Prefect supports this business.

-Crew with Seamen’s books

  • Those that require a visa & do not have it; on shore is limited to the area of the port.
  • A comprehensive procedure is in place to fly in/out crew who require visas for the USA or for Schengen space and/or for Martinique – Contact DYS.

-Those nationalities that require a visa to go ashore, in advance of your arrival please send us copies of the passports: personal information page and the copy of all valid visas in the passport.

-For crew please send also a copy of the seaman's passport.

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